Enviromental Impact on Congenital Diseases

Powerpoint presentations from the Conference Sessions 7-9 May, 2004, Pili, Kos
Author Title Size
Costas Sekeris Is there an Ethical aspect of the environmental impact on fertility n/a
David Gee Late lessons from early warnings, the use of precaution on the regulation of chemicals 345Kb
Andreas Gies Problems in assessing low dose effects of endocrine disrupters 1.3Mb
Peter Illig ISDE and Gwynne Lyons How can the message be disseminated? 132Kb
Dr. Eric Huyghe and Patric Thonneau Potential Impact of environment in male reproductive function: the example of cryptorchidism ~1.08Mb
Frank Comhaire Epidemiological studies on semen quality and fertility ~48Mb
Bernard Jegou Experimental aspects of infertility ~55Mb
Charis Karageorgiou How much of a barrier is the blood-placenta barrier? ~9Mb
C. V. Howard Fetal exposure on endocrine disrupters agents the relation between Hypo fertility and Cancer ~4.5Mb
Jiri Rubes Reproductive effects from exposure to environmental mutagens ~4.5Mb
E. Diamanti Kandarakis Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome and Glycotoxins, an interesting relationship ~9.5Mb
D. Adamopoulos Reproductive Health problems in people living in the greater Athens area ~1Mb
Fulvio Gandolfi The Impact of endocrine disruptors on oocyte competence ~4.5Mb
Luc Hens and Julie De Wit Health impact assessment of fertility impacts for selected pollutants: opportunities and limitations 70Kb
Alberto Mantovani Policy aspects and risk assessment 24Kb
Nina Wuczynska Follow up of the European Strategy on Environment and Health 175Kb
S. Stoyanov Country Report 195Kb
St. Michaelidis Environment and Health Strategy in Cyprus 580Kb

Interactive Workshops

>Enviromental Impact on Congenital Diseases

9-11 June, 2005

Pili Cultural Center Kos, Greece

>Enviromental Impact on Fertility

7-9 May, 2004

Pili Cultural Center Kos, Greece

>Mobility and Health

3-6 May, 2003

Pili Cultural Center Kos, Greece

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