Community Dimension and Added Value

This project by involving 8 European countries is serving the need of a European dimension in interactive cooperation and information exchange on documented cases of pollution related diseases. Selected data are linked to existing relational databases and may be used by different target groups (policy makers, health civil servants, NGOs, medical experts, journalists, lawyers, medical doctors). Further more this project is meeting the priority of the EU on the well being of its citizens by facilitating the implementation of relevant legislation and disseminating information.

Interactive Workshops

>Enviromental Impact on Congenital Diseases

9-11 June, 2005

Pili Cultural Center Kos, Greece

>Enviromental Impact on Fertility

7-9 May, 2004

Pili Cultural Center Kos, Greece

>Mobility and Health

3-6 May, 2003

Pili Cultural Center Kos, Greece

Health Impacts of Waste Management Policies Endocrine Disrupters: Environmental Health and Policies Cancer as an Environmental Disease

Environmental Health Impacts of Transport And Mobility Reproductive Health And the Environment Congenital Diseases and the Environment

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