Enviromental Impact on Congenital Diseases

Powerpoint presentations from the Conference Sessions 9-11 June, 2005, Pili, Kos
Title Size
Luc Hens Conclusions 137Kb
Thursday 9/6, Morning Session
Arehna Consortium Introductory Presentation for the AREHNA Project (2002-2005) 4.5Mb
John Peterson Mayers On the cusp of a revolution: Public Health and the Environment 1.81Mb
Thursday 9/6, Afternoon Session
Jorma Toppari Male Dysgenesis Syndrome 5.88Mb
Olle Soder Endocrine disrupters, inflammation and steroidogenesis 8.68Mb
Patric Thonneau Environmental impact on congenital diseases:the case of cryptorchidism, where are we now, and where are we going? 380Kb
Nicolas Olea Serrano Endocrine disruptors exposure and risk of male congenital malformations 2.31Mb
Friaday 10/6, Morning Session
Janna Koppe Congenital Diseases related to environmental exposure to dioxins 3.8Mb
Alberto Mantovani Endpoints for prenatal exposures in toxicological studies 50Kb
Helen Dolk, Martine Vrijheid EUROCAT: surveillance of environmental impact 343Kb
Gwynne Lyons Do we have evidence from the wild life 695Kb
Saturday 10/6, Morning Session
Vassilios Laopodis Raising awareness on impact to EU policies of Information Society RTD and deployment projects results 3.2Mb
E. Agapitos, M. Brillakis and E. Fousteris Congenital Abnormalities in Greece 2.3Mb
Stoyan Stoyanov and Ekaterina Terlemesian Congenital diseases in Bulgaria 368Kb
Catherine Wattiez Pesticides exposure in relation to congenital diseases 89Kb
Genon Jensen and Marie Christine Dewolf Environmental Congenital Diseases: The NGO?s point of view 4.8Mb
Jin Yongtang Prevalence of Congenital Diseases among Perinates in China ( 1996 ? 2002 ) 1.2Mb

Interactive Workshops

>Enviromental Impact on Congenital Diseases

9-11 June, 2005

Pili Cultural Center Kos, Greece

>Enviromental Impact on Fertility

7-9 May, 2004

Pili Cultural Center Kos, Greece

>Mobility and Health

3-6 May, 2003

Pili Cultural Center Kos, Greece

Health Impacts of Waste Management Policies Endocrine Disrupters: Environmental Health and Policies Cancer as an Environmental Disease

Environmental Health Impacts of Transport And Mobility Reproductive Health And the Environment Congenital Diseases and the Environment

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