Enviromental Impact on Congenital Diseases

Powerpoint presentations from the Conference Sessions 3-6 May, 2004, Pili, Kos
Title Size
Luc Hens Health and Mobility in Flanders (country report) 352Kb
Saturday 3/5, Morning Session
Annie Sasco Traffic air pollution and cancer 1.81Mb
Michele Lepelletier Project CAFE 160Kb
Ferran Ballester Project APHEIS 1.24Mb
Ferran Ballester Project EMECAS 190Kb
A. Papayannis Project AIRLINET 1.02Mb
Sunday 4/5, Morning Session
A. Papayannis Monitoring of suspending aerosol particulates and troposheric ozone by LIDAR techniques 10.4Mb
Larry Olson Health impact and control of particulate matter 660Kb
Ferran Ballester Health effects and impact assessment of air pollution 3.6Mb
Trianthi Roussou Health effects of air pollution: Asthma 3.74Mb
G. Tolis Endocrine problems related to mobility 222Kb
Sunday 4/5, Afternnon Session
Luc Hens Mobility and Health at the WSSD and NEHAPs 846Kb
F. Racioppi WHO: Integrating health concerns into transport policies 10Mb
Michele Lepelletier EU Policy: Strategy to clean airban transport 424Kb
C. Huss BMW: Hydrogen car innovation project 10.6Mb
Monday 5/5, Morning Session

Interactive Workshops

>Enviromental Impact on Congenital Diseases

9-11 June, 2005

Pili Cultural Center Kos, Greece

>Enviromental Impact on Fertility

7-9 May, 2004

Pili Cultural Center Kos, Greece

>Mobility and Health

3-6 May, 2003

Pili Cultural Center Kos, Greece

Health Impacts of Waste Management Policies Endocrine Disrupters: Environmental Health and Policies Cancer as an Environmental Disease

Environmental Health Impacts of Transport And Mobility Reproductive Health And the Environment Congenital Diseases and the Environment

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